Jerry's Records


It's August 1st so that means that Jerry Weber of the world famous Jerry's Records in Pittsburgh is officially retired. If you never got the chance to see Jerry sitting on his stool behind piles of vinyl overseeing his "children" (his million plus records) you have missed out on one of the truly great sights. There is a photo in my twitter feed if you want to experience it secondhand.  

Eclectro is Released


At the time of this post, Eclectro has already been released in Japan and is just one hour from its UK release.  That means it's just a few hours until 12:01am EST and the release here on the east coast.   If you were able to tune in to The Altered State on Sunday, you have already heard it.  Otherwise you can head over to bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify. et al.  

I hope you enjoy it. I put many months into it and I'm very proud of the result.

Final stretch


Largely, she will be ignored.  Some nice people will have nice things to say about her, some will even genuinely like her...

The beginning


These are very exciting times. My new album "Eclectro" is complete and the process is in full swing.  In the weeks leading up the June 20th release...

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